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I'm not scared of ghost

Really, good for you as there is no scientific evidence that a ghost or spirit can harm you. Question, how many ghost or unexplained phenomenon have you actually seen or experienced? Were you alone when it happened? When is the last time you walked through a known haunted place just before or after dusk alone?

Truth is, even the bravest of us are frightened to some extent when we actually experience a haunting or some sort of unexplained or paranormal phenomenon. The thrill of feeling your heart pump faster when you are startled is amazing. If you never get scared, you're missing out on an unbelievable experience.

Become A Hunter

Note: These tips are just based on our opinion and should not be taken as hard cold facts.

  • 1st - Always obey all laws (do not trespass or vandalize) while investigating. Never enter unsafe locations to look for ghost. You want to find one, not become one. Let someone know where you are going and when you plan on being back just in case an accident happens and you are alone.

  • 2nd - You do not need fancy expensive equipment, although it would make the hunt more interesting (I’d love to get a FLIR camera one day). A digital camera (video and still if possible) or even a smart phone will work. Inexpensive EMF detectors are usually available at local hardware stores for testing small electronics. Digital voice recorders for EVP’s are as important as a camera, though a video camera on a cell phone could also be used.

  • 3rd - You do not need a murder at the location to find a ghost. Though they are creepy places and they make your mind wonder, and a ghost at a murder scene is not unheard of. If you or one of your friends lives in an older house, this would be the perfect place to start. When a person moves on and they were emotionally attached to a place or situation, some of their energy may linger on at the location.

  • 4th - Avoid cemeteries at night. Although real creepy and a place where you may encounter something, this is not the typical place a spirit would like to hang out in. They are more likely to hang out at a location that had meaning to them in life. It's also trespassing in most places.

  • 5th - It does not need to be dark out to investigate. Evening investigations can produce some great results (hallway orb photos on the website were taken in the evening).

  • 6th - Do not get discouraged if you do not find anything. The atmosphere needs to be right (lighting, moisture in the air, energies being given off by those involved) and you will need to be in the right place at the right time to see, hear or sense anything.

  • 7th - Try not to get to frightened. We personally do not believe in the “dark entities” or "demons” you see in the movies and on TV shows, although it works great for entertainment purposes. And if something can go through a wall, logically how can it harm you. I know of no scientifically documented case where someone was actually harmed by a ghost. When freighted, people will often injure themselves by panicking.

  • 8th - Always search for logical reasons for anything that may seem paranormal, as this is the most likely cause. As humans, we tend to see faces in almost everything we look at (called pareidolia), and if you want to make a face out of a blurry part of a picture, you most likely will see one.

  • 9th - Document your results: location, time, weather conditions, who was there, what was around the location (important to remember sound can carry a long distance across a lake or field). This is useful if you happen to capture anything, you may be able to come up with a pattern that works at a location.

  • It is important to remember that catching a ghost on camera is not that easy. With everyone taking pictures and videos with their smart phones, you would expect the web to be swamped with real images of ghost. You will usually hear that someone felt or saw something on a ghost hunting show, rather than see it. It seems most spirits do not like to be captured on film. But if you do happen to get one, we’d love to see the photo, so send it to us and we’ll consider putting it on the website.

    As for the sensations people feel when a ghost is around, they range from a chill, or goose bumps to static energy that makes your hair stand on end. Also a sudden temperature change to hot or cold, without any logical explanation could be the sign of a presence.

    Research at a library or book store, but do not believe everything you read. With the popularity of ghost hunting on the rise, all kinds of “experts” are putting out books these days. If possible, go on a local ghost tour. The more you learn, the better hunter you’ll become, but there is no guarantee you will see a ghost. Remember that most ghost hunters do it as a hobby, not for a living. It is offered as more of a public service than anything else and they do not charge for it.

    You may even consider trying to develop your own sixth sense or psychic abilities. There are a lot of easy to follow lessons out there that could help you to relax and possibly become more in tune with your surroundings. The more open minded you are, the better the chances are of you sensing something around you.

    Unlike a so called expert that wants you to believe they have all the answers, all we can offer is our personal opinion. Different people experience different things in different ways. Do we believe in ghost, yes. Can we prove their existence beyond a reasonable doubt, no. That is just the way it is. I hope some of our advice is useful to you and we wish you all the best in your future hunting endeavours. Remember to always put safety first and if you have any luck, let us know about it.

    What Next

    Have fun with it. Experiment with different techniques. Research for possible haunted locations you can go to locally. Above all, stay safe and don't give up.

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