The Group Of Seven

When asked by people what is the most haunted location I have been to, I tell them that next to the house where I grew up in Winnipeg, Manitoba, it would have to be the Bullock Hotel in Deadwood, South Dakota. Why? in mid-July of 2011 my wife and I spent our anniversary there, specifically because we heard it was supposed to be haunted. The first eight images on our Ghost Photos page were taken in the Bullock hotel (four different photos that are all proceeded by a close up image of what we believe to be the ghost or spirit in the photo). There are also a couple orb photos on the Orb Photos web page that were taken in the Bullock hotel as well. Was it terrifying, no. But the images do make you stop and think of what may be roaming the halls of this old hotel. We are hoping to make a return trip one day to see if the ghost or spirits are still roaming the halls, and this time we will bring some ghost hunting equipment we have purchased since the first visit.

We love to get scared and freaked out by the ghost hunting and haunting shows that are on TV and all over the internet. Scary movies can be a blast when they succeed at startling you. The adrenalin rush is amazing. It makes for great entertainment. However, have you noticed how most of what is publicized about the paranormal is always someone being attacked or evil and demonic? So called experts will tell you how using an Ouija Board will open a portal to the other side, but if this were true then there would be thousands of portals all over the world because Ouija Boards have been used for decades. Don't get sucked into the hype. There are a lot of people who make a living off of telling fantastic stories designed to scare you. There has always been a market for this.

This web site was created because of our love for the paranormal and our desire to share what we have found through the years searching for ghost and other paranormal activity (and yes, to get peoples opinion on our fictional novel). If you are looking for tales of demons and people actually being attacked by ghost, unfortunately you will not find that here. We are trying to focus on what we believe is real and not fantasy. You can jump to a specific section by clicking on the link in the header index. We invite others to share with us and our readers their stories and photos, even if it happens to be of an evil demonic entity that attacked them. Just because we don't believe in them, doesn't mean they can't or don't exist, we just have never come across any. We always try to keep an open mind as much as possible. We hope that as you browse the different sections of our site that you find something that is of interest to you or useful information to use in your own future ghost hunts.

Any suggestions we make as far as best practises for ghost hunting are based on our past experiences and are meant to give readers a starting point for there own ghost hunting endeavours. We are always looking for new ideas that may have worked for others, so please share any of your tried and true methods with us that you wish.

Although this web site was originally centred around fictional characters that were created for a novel written by Wade Boyechko, the photo's are all real and unedited as far as the actual image. Photo's may have been resized or cropped to show the portion that is mysterious or strange.

Below is the introduction to the characters in the novel we mentioned.

The Group of Seven

Ever wanted to explain something that defies explanation? Seven teenagers did, so they decided to form a group.

Who are the seven?

What They Hunt:

Anything paranormal, weird, strange, or scary. The list includes:

Meaning Behind The Symbol...

The symbol is seven leafs inside a circle?

The circle, or ring, is a sign of unity within the group. The leaves represent enduring and everlasting friendship. This symbol reminds the group that they must always stick together.

The symbol was created by William, after coming across a crop circle? He started researching different circle signs, and when he woke the next morning, the symbol was the first thing to enter his mind. He treated it as a sign that the group should use it as their logo.